806-298-2063 Handling wrong phone numbers

So I have 2 cell phones (long story). One of them is the phone number I had back in Lubbock. At 8:47pm Texas time today, I missed a call from 806-298-2063 that went to voicemail. The text transcription on the voicemail was: "Yeah, this is grand dad. Just thought I would call you and let you know I had our support and our mother." I did not recognize the number, aside from it being the 806 area code. Which is the Texas panhandle (which is where Lubbock TX is). I got kinda worried, thinking that there might be some family crisis and they had to use a phone other than the home or cell numbers that I have for everyone there. So I check my voicemail: It's an older gentleman, with a TV or something in the background, saying something like "Lynn, I made the appointment for the other eye". Here's the funny thing. I've gotten wrong numbers in Phoenix plenty, and I typically just ignore them, and 99% of the time, it's a Phoenix area phone number, and the person doesn't leave a message. Usually, I'll text message the number and say "Hey, I missed your call?", and then either they'll call back (and turns out it was legit), or they never respond, and I just assume it was a wrong number, and never think of it again. However, the 806 area code, the older person, and talking about something medical; made me think I needed to return the call and say "Hey, Lynn doesn't live here, I wanted to let you know so that you could make the correct phone call." Now here's where it turns weird: I call the number back, and am told, by an older woman, also with a TV in the background, that a lot of people have called them saying that they got a call from that number, "but we haven't called them". I figured putting their phone number up probably won't lead to massive identity theft or some other nefarious crime, and hopefully if someone else searches for the number, we can collaborate on a solution. FYI: (a quick google search lists a website 411.info that says the number belongs to an "M Evans" in Abernathy TX)