Local techie websites

I've been a producer in a conference for the last few years called "TechPHX", a place for online content creators to meet and share; authors, bloggers, podcasters, video shows, and for anyone who just wants to know more.

This year was also the first year I volunteered at AZ GiveCamp, a place where developers and other techies donate a weekend of their time to local non-profits.

Then the first Friday of every month, there is PHX2600, a gathering of people primarily interested in computer security.

I don't recall anything like this available in Lubbock; and I really wish there had been. Granted, this is probably easier to setup these days due to the increased use of the Internet.

Some more local websites that highlight gatherings:

http://azgroups.com/ for meetings of local technology groups.

http://nextplex.com/phoenix-az for entrepreneurial resources and community.

http://assembleaz.com/ for entrepreneurial coworking space in North Phoenix.

http://gangplankhq.com/ collaborative coworking and event space in Avondale and Chandler

Online gathering places with a local emphasis: