Tex-Mex and Smoked BBQ Food Recommendations

Met a guy from Texas today; I started recommending "Tex-Mex" places to him, and he had a specific question: "There is a place in downtown Dallas that had really good tacos, with steak meat in them; any place like that here?" I really didn't have an answer for him, but if you do, please leave it in the comments. Tex-Mex recommendations: Arriba's has good queso (called "White Queso" on the menu) Julio's (and Julio's Too for takeout) has good salsa (called "Diablo Salsa" on the menu, and they run out if it's late enough in the evening) Fredrico's and Filiberto's serve really big burritos and good; their "Super Nachos" might have the steak meat like he was requesting, but I've not had one of their taco's so I'll have to try it sometime and figure that out. Smoked BBQ: Texas BBQ House has good ribs, smoked sliced brisket, and Regular Sauce Rudy's has good smoked sliced brisket, pork loin, turkey, and sides (Potato Salad / Creamed Corn / Peach Cobbler / Regular Sauce) Joe's Real BBQ in Gilbert has good beans. I'm not sure if this really counts as information specifically for people who came from Lubbock to Phoenix, but the "Lolo's Chicken and Waffle's" makes good southern food. Bonus: "Urban Cookies" has good cupcakes. PS: I hate saying "this is the best" and "you will love this" and "it's great" because everyone has their own taste in food. Try everywhere, but feel free to try these places first.