Boilers and Electric Water Heaters

Many Lubbock apartments use gas water heaters, but there is a distinct absence of gas water heaters (perhaps there are no natural gas pipelines/systems in place) here in Phoenix.  A few places use electric water heaters, but I’ve noticed “boilers” in place in more than one apartment complex. For those who haven’t heard of them, the boiler can be a large tank that heats water, but uses the steam of that water to heat the water that goes into your home.  For an apartment they are centrally located and provide hot water to all the apartments, this does free up that extra three foot by three foot room in your apartment for something else, and usually means you pay your complex a monthly fee for “hot water” instead of variable gas bill to another company.


palmcanoe said...

I grew up in Phoenix and have lived in Lubbock for 16 years. I wanted to say two things about your comments in your blog:
1) The "unrelated occupants" ordinance applies to the entire city of Lubbock, not just to Tech Terrace and is not solely aimed at college students

2) About politics -- the predominant "politics" of Arizona was always the "Goldwater Republican" type. That is conservative in the old school meaning (more fiscal matters than scripture). But, the Phoenix Metro area is HUGE with several million people so what you do end up with is a good deal more political diversity than you have in comparatively tiny Lubbock. Anyone not from Texas who moves to Lubbock immediately finds politics difficult to avoid because political thinking is so homogenous here.

What Politics? Well, take the piddling amount of money that's put into infrastructure here and how nothing seems to be put towards public areas (beautifying highways, parks, streets) and how people endlessly whine about paying some of the lowest property taxes in the country.

Public areas are underfunded in Lubbock because the politics of the majority of the people here is that you should never give the government anything, ever.

I suppose that's a form of politics but anyone who has kids here or walks or rides a bike here can't help but be struck by the poorly maintained streets, sidewalks and parks. People here don't think it's worth paying for -- and it shows.

By contrast look at downtown Phoenix, or the freeways. It would appear that some actual city planning was done and that someone thought it was worth paying money to not just put up a slab of concrete but to consider how it would look, esthetically. In fact, they've even done landscaping. Most travelers to Lubbock, coming in from the airport are treated to the beautiful views of rusting metal drums and blue grocery bags clinging to bare weeds.

The thing I've never been able to understand about Lubbock, even after all these years is how I can see that and think "jeez!" but most people around here don't even notice.

Anonymous said...

Huh, this is how your blog came up when I was looking for a repairman for as gas hot water heater in Lubbock! The pilot went out and won't stay lit. We're not used to gas hot water heaters. Do you remember who you would have called in Lubbock? We have no clue.

m said...

hi Shay. I'm guessing a plumber would be your first step, or you could try calling the gas company and asking the person who answered who you might call.
We only rented at the time, so it was always the landlord we'd be calling :)