It's official - I feel like a Phonecian (Arizonan?)

I've gotten on twitter and gotten heavily involved in a conference called "PodcampAZ"

Because of that, I've met so many people, and gotten involved with local stuff, and also, the lack of snow and ice, and not having to change my clocks for daylight savings time, have really made me like Phoenix (and Arizona), and it would take "something" to make me move out of here now.

If you happen upon this blog and want to come with me to one of the uniquely Phoenix places to eat when you move here, put in a comment with your email or twitter or phone # (and I'll not publish it, I approve all comments before they are posted).

I'll show you one of the places we have that I've not seen anywhere else.

IE: Heart Attack Grill, Chino Bandito, Lo Lo's Chicken and Waffles, not to mention some regional chains they don't have back in Lubbock, or other "regions that aren't here".


m said...

Oh not to mention Phoenix / Tucson gets some comedians / musicians coming through that I've not seen available in Lubbock.

Also if you are a "techie" or "nerd" we've got places like "Gangplank", "2600", "HeatSyncLabs", Phoenix Comic Con, and more to temp you.

m said...

PodcampAZ is now TechPHX