Not quite a Phoenician yet

Not quite a Phoenician yet

The 5 day forecast said it should hit one hundred and one degrees later this week.  They reported it was 96 degrees today.  Sure didn’t feel the way I remember 96 degrees feeling, of course now I was driving around instead of picking vegetables.

I’m still not a Phoenician (MS Word had to help me with the spelling), the other day I introduced my team as “The crew from Lubbock” on accident.  My co-worker turned to me and said “Lubbock?” and it still took a second before I realized I had made an error.

I got a comment on my blog about how Lubbock doesn’t spend money on public works the way Phoenix does.  I 100% agree with that person, Lubbock does not spend money on painting flowers on overpass columns, or coming up with these bizarre birds surrounded by airplanes on the way to the airport (I’ll try to get pictures of these at some point).  I would say that I’m glad Lubbock doesn’t spend money on those things in order to keep taxes low.  I’m sure there are some other areas they could cut to fund some other projects.

Lubbock used to be flooded after just a small amount of rain, as I recall, ever since about 2002 or so, it got better, but still some problems in some areas. Phoenix isn’t that different.  We had a good sized storm blow through, and leaks shut down a few stores in the mall close to where I lived.  It had been 100+ days since the last rain, so I can see how stuff like that could fall into disrepair.  I took a look out as I rode over a bridge, and it was quite the torrent of water, not something you could just walk through without any problems.  Two days later when I next got out there, it was all back down to a trickle.

I’ll probably make one more post at the point I finally feel “Phoenicized”, probably need to look into getting registered to vote and a drivers license.

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