AZ Drivers License

Well I took that next step and got my AZ drivers license. Since I consider this blog a "If you are leaving Lubbock and coming to Phoenix here are some things to know" instructions, here is the way to do it:

Ensure you have your drivers license from whatever state you came from.
Bring your birth certificate, has to be an original, not a copy.
If you don't have both of those here is a list of acceptable documents (beware, it's PDF):

They open at 8am, so show up at 7AM here:
Phoenix Central 2739 E. Washington St. Phoenix 85034

My recommendation: From I-10 take the Jefferson/Washington St exit #148 and head East, right after 27th St you will have a big glass building to the South (on your right), after driving beside that building, turn South (right) on 28th st and then within 150 yards is a West (right) turn into a parking lot. Park anywhere there, and that glass building will have a big double door entrance on the North side of the parking lot.

If you show up at 7am, there will likely be a line already going beside the double door. Walk on up and audibly say something like "3rd in line!" and when the next person shows up, mention how they showed up 50 minutes before they open and they are 4th in line. (Now you have established your place).

Okay so now you wait till about 7:50 AM (there is nowhere to sit). And they will open the double doors, and make you form a line inside the building East to West. Then a helpful person will walk down the line asking you why you are there. If you have come to renew your drivers license and didn't bring any additional documentation, they will tell you to leave and come back with it. (A recent AZ law has people prove that they are US citizens when registering for a drivers license, since you don't have to prove you are a US citizen to get a TX drivers license, a TX license alone isn't good enough).

Okay, so after telling the helpful lady why you are there, she will give you a form to fill out (bring a pen), and she will give you a "Number/Letter Combination" on a slip of paper, something like B-3.

Sit down and fill out the form (relatively easy). There is also a spot for political affiliation, so you are allowed to register to vote at the same time.

Around 7:10 or 7:15, they will start "calling" the numbers. This pre-recorded mans' voice will say "B-3, go to station 15" and you will look around the room to these "stations" along the wall that the employees are at. The "B-3 to 15" will also be displayed on a digital board so you can know how soon your number is coming up.

I think I was 6th in line and didn't get called till around 7:20 AM. They had me take a vision test, poked a hole in my TX drivers license, took my picture (dress nice), created the license, and registered me to vote, and out the door at 9 AM.

That's how it's done. I'll pass along the Vehicle Registration Process as soon as it comes up.


m said...

Whoops: At the very end I mentioned "Around 7:10 or 7:15" and "I think I was 6th in line and didn't get called till around 7:20 AM".
I meant to say "8:10 or 8:15" and "didn't get called till around 8:20 AM"

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

You should have seen the way it used to be. When I first moved to Phoenix (1971) the entire process took about 4 hours.

When I left Phoenix I lived near an MVD office that would get you through in about half an hour nomatter what time of day you showed up and the longest line I ever saw was 5 people. It was in Mesa near Superstition Springs mall.

We've now moved to Lubbock and you'r right, the driver's license thing is easy, although they require us to register our vehicles first - which is a total nightmare compared to Arizona. And even though Arizona charges way too much for it, they would charge us $20 for our 30-yr-old truck (much more for our 2005 car). But here in Lubbock it cost almost $300 to register it that truck. They said part of it was for the first-time process and that it wouldn't cost so much next time. Still, we were shocked.