Arizona Laws

While discussing apartments with leasing agents, and discussing apartment searches with co-workers, I was made aware of some Arizona laws that its residents at least believe to exist, though I can't say with 100% certainty that they do.

First off, a light one, “$700 fine for non-leashed dogs” told to me by one of the leasing agents. I can understand why you would want all citizens to keep their dogs on a leash, but isn’t 700 dollars a pretty high fine for even the most dangerous of breeds?

Secondly, “All BBQ grills must be 10 feet from the wall of a building”, told to me by the same leasing agent. I’m not sure I get this one. I realize that you want to keep people from burning down their houses (or someone elses house), but if I am a home owner, what if that’s a risk I’m willing to take, shouldn’t I be allowed to take it?

Finally, the one that stood my hair on edge, “If you are in a lease at an apartment in Arizona, you can break it without penalty by purchasing a home in Arizona.”, this one told to me by a co-worker. I don’t see how this is fair at all, in an effort to get more tax revenue, the state government will allow a private citizen to break a contract with another private citizen solely for the benefit of the government. How wrong is that?

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