Cost of Living

While I don't think anyone was surprised that I was not able to find an exact replica of the apartment I had for the price, I did find it dissapointing that any place comparable to where I live now is twice the cost.

We (or maybe just I) have a perception of "moving up in the world" as you get older, more educated, more experienced, getting better, faster, stronger, smarter, living better, making improvement, finding new ways to do things, more ways to pursue your own interests.

I suppose for what the wife and I were making we could have moved into a nicer apartment in Lubbock, but for what I'm making now, it appears we will have to take a step down in some of the nicer parts of our apartment. For instance, our Lubbock apartment combined the kitchen with the "utility room" (where the washer/dryer hookups were) into one room. This gave the kitchen loads of counter space and a big area you could walk around in. Most every Phoenix apartment I've come across has the "not wide enough for two butts" hallway kind of kitchen. With all the appliances taking up most of the counter space. (Oh, a good idea would be to put a piece of wood over two of the burners on the stove whenever its off).

It's dissapointing when I'm earning more, but I'm going to pay a much higher percentage of what I was paying for something comparable, with a longer commute and a premium for a "nice" neighborhood.

On the flip side, I have noticed that food is just a hair cheaper. Hot pockets come down to $1 each (as opposed to $1.50 in Lubbock) and the Tall Boy energy drinks are only $1.50 (as opposed to $2 in Lubbock). Of course this is for the supermarkets. Convenience stores are a whole other story.

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