College Interaction

I should mention that I spent 6 years living across the street from Texas Tech University in Lubbock Texas, and I’m sure lots of residents would say that Lubbock is a “college town”.

As a for instance, some Lubbock residents in a particular neighborhood (called Tech Terrace), had a law passed that a maximum of three unrelated residents can live in the same house. This was passed to specifically keep a bunch of college students from moving into the house next door “because you know that all those college students are loud and noisy and trash out the neighborhood”. I’m not sure when it got passed, but I guess they finally tried to evict 4 students from one of the houses, they responded by painting the house purple, and then painting big black polka dots over that. The whole ordeal ended in a fizzle when one of the students moved out and was replaced with a cousin of one of the residents, thus bringing them up to code; at least that’s the way I remember it.

So far I’ve only noticed that they have colleges in this town because some of the roommates I looked for were students; other than that I’ve hardly noticed. That might be since there are many colleges, not just one.

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