Where are the mosquitoes?

I finally selected a new apartment after much searching. If you want my advice for looking for an apartment, you can find out just about all you need from their website and driving through the neighborhood, scout out where the rental office is, if you have a hard time finding a parking spot, skip it. Make a short list based on price and commute, then call ahead for a tour. Kitchen cabinet quality speaks volumes about a place. Most every place I remember as being scared just to be in the neighborhood ended up having kitchen cabinets that were dirty, or small, or looked very flimsy and cheap, or didn’t even have rails they would slide on. The places that I had a good impression of from the street, had very nice cabinets.

That could be a government study, how cheap kitchen cabinets destroy a neighborhood.

My new apartment overlooks a golf course with a little lake in it. I noticed all the windows had screens on them, but where were the insects? I realize it’s “winter” here, but there hasn’t been snow on the ground in I don’t know how many years, so where are all the pests?

I was thinking of investing in one of those bug zappers so that I could sit out on the porch and say “yep” a lot, but I don’t really see any bugs.

Not that I’m complaining. That is definitely a point in Phoenix favor.

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