Suburbs signs

Lubbock recently started a new advertising slogan: “The Giant Side of Texas”. The ads try to convey a sense that Lubbock is not just some town with nothing to do, but full or culture and a rich history. I’m not sure if they had any billboards that had “Welcome to Lubbock, the Giant Side of Texas” but I would bet that they are there to great travelers.

This morning in North Phoenix I happened to take the Bell Street exit off I-17. As mentioned before, you just drive down streets of shops and suddenly you find yourself in a new town.

Well Glendale Arizona doesn’t want you to just speed through their town and not notice it. So they have large signs placed around the city limits that read:

“It’s our town, SLOW down.”

Making Glendale sound like it’s full of old cantankerous people. Then on my way out at the protected left at Bell St and 75th Ave they had this smart-aleky sign “Use your head, stop on red.”

Thanks Glendale, for the condescending traffic reminders.

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