Phoenix vs suburbs, who wins national recognition?

One of the Phoenix podcasts I subscribed to was a text to speech conversion of the Arizona Central newspapers business section.

It mentioned how Scottsdale (one of the towns in "The Valley") had gotten a visit from celebrities recently and how that will increase their notice and they couldn't be luckier.

I figured "Hey, I wonder if the national media reports on this story if they will say 'Celebrities sited in:
A. Arizona
B. Phoenix
C. Phoenix Arizona
D. A suburb of Phoenix
E. Scottsdale, a suburb of Phoenix
F. Scottsdale Arizona
G. Scottsdale'

What do you vote? I was thinking 'B', they would just straight up ignore the exact location, or wouldn't know one Phoenix suburb from another and just lump them all together and call them 'Phoenix'.

Much to my surprise, they went with 'F', "Scottsdale Arizona", and when I say "they" I mean a search of "jennifer aniston vince vaughn arizona" on google, had 6 sites calling it "Scottsdale Arizona" off the 10 on the front page (I was unable to view the other 4 sites or they did not mention the couple in relation to their visit).

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