Celebrity Sightings

Celebrities, we all know we shouldn't care, yet we cannot look away. I don't buy any of the magazines I see in the supermarket check out line, but I do read the covers as I wait in line. I must admit that I've even gone so far as to adjust how the magazine sits in the display so that I may read all of the headline to find out which country two adulterers are flying off to next to help starving children.

Phoenix is home to a few in the ranks of celebrity, and people you've heard of too:
Leslie Nielsen, Stevie Nicks, Alice Cooper, those are the ones that when I heard them I went "really, wow!", and was impressed.

What does Lubbock have? Well the last big thing I can remember was a rumor that the white guy from "The Fast and the Furious" was planning to buy "the big house on Slide where that fire was". ***Edit 2006-02-07: I went back to the guy I first heard this rumor from and he tells me that that particular house was not destined for that actor, but that either his wife (or if he isn't married, girlfriend) is from Lubbock TX.***

I'm not saying that makes Phoenix any better or worse, in a perfect world you would want your neighbors to attract as little attention as possible, but I figured I would illustrate the difference.

-Update 2006-02-01: A relative pointed out that Lubbock does have Bobby Night. He also mentioned "Marsha Sharp" but I'm guessing unless you are from Lubbock, you don't know who that is. Then there is Buddy Holly, but I say he doesn't count since you can't have a "Celebrity Sighting" of someone who is no longer alive.

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