Traffic Jams

So something that you’d notice coming from Lubbock to Phoenix is the traffic. Not to say that Lubbock doesn’t have any traffic, but rush hour is usually just the hour when you are trying to get home from work. Today, on a Saturday, while in Mesa, for whatever reason I couldn’t say, US 60 West headed into Phoenix around 5PM was stacked. As I made the turn and saw the cars on the on-ramp standing still, I cringed.

It was stop and go, and 20 minutes later I made it to the first exit two miles down the road. I took the surface streets until I could make it to the 101 loop. It wasn’t crowded for whatever reason. All in all a 30 minute trip took about a 1 hour.

It wasn’t the first, and I’m sure it won’t be the last. I’ve been in traffic jams in every other big city I’ve driven in as well, but I just figured I’d point it out to anyone moving from Lubbock.

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