Politics of the town

I had gotten requests by one of my relatives to touch upon the politics of the town. You always hear things like “Detroit is a big Democrat place”, but I’m not sure if I had ever heard a stereotype about the politics of Phoenix.

I do remember hearing that the Minute Men had patrolled the Arizona border for a month as a publicity event. But I’m unsure if that really proves the politics one way or another. One thing I have heard is that the population of Phoenix goes up by 120,000 every year, and I’m sure people bring their politics with them.

I hadn’t really had any political moments I’ve been confronted with. I did find the competing liberal and conservative talk radio stations to be a change, but the only real close attention I see politically is when a local host for either of the stations comes on. Really I guess it’s not any more political that Lubbock was.

Well now that I say that, I do recall two separate instances where American ex-soldiers mentioned their dislike of either the current or previous administrations. That was kind of odd. I wasn’t really involved in the conversation so much as I was standing within earshot, so I didn’t pipe up and say anything.

I should say that politics in Lubbock aren’t really that active either, only if you want them to be. You can get active, join an organization, read the paper, attend meetings; or you can just ignore the whole thing.


Anonymous said...

You must learn of sheriff Joe Arapio, the "toughest sheriff in America." Well, that's one way of putting it. He was watching footage of Iraq I and saw some army tents and thought "If it's good enough for our fighting men, it's good enough for our detainees"...and set up his infamus 'tent city'. In Phoenix. Yes, all summer, all the time. Female chaingangs. Pink underwear and green baloney, just to make it all that more unpleasant, so you wouldn't want to go back. The fact that many victims are poverty sticken, not convicted, awaiting their trail really makes it a crime against humanity, but he gets overwhelmingly re elected every chance. while bragging about bringing inmate housing costs under control, the security measures that now have to be taken to protect his life cost the taxpayers extra millions....

Anonymous said...

Teach these b*ggers that law and order means that. If they don't want to do the time, then don't do the crime. Yes, there are a disproportionate numbers of poor in gaols, but if parents took responsibility for their kids, then those kids would not get into trouble in first place. I just cannot stand those who are appologists for the anti-social behaviour of criminals. What about the victims of those criminals, they are the forgotten ones!